Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

Thank you for trusting us with your counseling needs. We take that privilege very seriously. It is our desire that your therapeutic needs will be as uninterrupted and effectively maintained as we can possibly offer given the challenges inherent in safeguarding against the further spread of COVID-19. The authorities are asking all of us to act responsibly and immediately put into practice common sense, lifestyle adjustments including social distancing. With that directive in mind, the Napa Valley Counseling Center Board has decided to suspend in-office sessions through at least May 18. We will not resume working in-office until health officials declare it is safe to do so. For now, we will continue serving our clientele by means of telehealth therapy. These telehealth counseling sessions will be conducted by means of either video or telephone utilizing a HIPAA compliant website called Doxy.Me. If you are interested and have a previously scheduled appointment within the window of this next month, you will be contacted by your therapist, and they will explain the process by which this is done. It is relatively simple and, as stated, completely confidential. If you are interested in scheduling a new appointment, call our office number, as you normally would. Our administrative staff will schedule your appointment, and you will be contacted by your therapist prior to your appointment to explain the process of a video or phone session.

Please know that we remain deeply committed to providing the highest standard of professional excellence with a heart-felt desire to personally connect with every person we meet with as their counselor. The therapeutic process is full of challenges. None of us have faced one quite like this. However, we all firmly believe God is every bit as in control as in times of peace and calm. Our hope is ultimately in that Truth.

If there is additional information or any changes to this timeline, we will promptly post those updates.

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